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Franci Hallahan

Yoga Instructor

Francie discovered yoga when she was working as a social worker with at-risk youth in Chicago.  She started her practice in 2000, to provide relaxation and stress relief from the intensity of the work environment, and found it to be an extremely effective way to calm the mind and provide an energizing outlet.  She began to integrate some of the yoga practices and techniques in her social work and found that clients responded positively.  That experience inspired her to delve deeper into the practice, eventually leading her to a teacher training program.

Francie earned a 200-hour yoga certification from Yoga Tree in San Francisco.  Students in her class will experience physically invigorating movements that awaken the mind and strengthen the body.  She encourages students to flow with intention through each pose, while emphasizing the connection of breath and movement.  Each practice is creatively sequenced to both add variety and meet the needs of the class.  She is grateful to all of the teachers who have influenced and inspired her practice.

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