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Class Descriptions

Inside Flow Studios, you'll find a place for movement
and balance. You'll also meet wonderful instructors
who will guide and inspire your yoga and pilates practice.

Our classes follow a basic weekly schedule, but are subject to change.  To find the class that's right for you, please review our class descriptions below and current class schedule.

Please Note: Classes at Flow Studios are limited to 12-15 students.

Align & Flow Yoga

This yoga class combines very detailed alignment work, inspired by the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar, with the joyous flow of a Vinyasa-based practice. From the specific placement of the body in a given posture, to the transitions between poses in the Sun Salutation, the goal of this class, at every level, is to clarify.

Barre Bootcamp

Lengthen, strengthen and have fun with our exclusive Barre Bootcamp class.  You'll work hard and break a sweat, at the same time toning, tightening and working on your coordination and balance with ballet barre inspired moves that keep you moving.  No dance experience needed.  This blend of two very effective formulas creates an intense 45-minute class that will have you feeling energized for the rest of your day.  Expect isometrics galore, kicks and moves to redefine your legs and butt, a basic arm routine, and finally... we finish with exercises that can give you an enviable set of ab muscles.


Challenge the athlete in you!  This class combines the boot camp concept with sports conditioning.  Students will combine strength, flexibility, speed and coordination training in this class.  Come ready to jump, squat, lunge, push, crunch and sweat for this one-hour class!  (For non-members, PHHC Day Pass required.)

Booty & Belly Burn

This 60-minute, all/levels class will have you squatting, planking, and lunging your way to a firmer butt and flatter abs.  Focusing on core-based movement, we'll incinerate calories and build muscle using proven modalities such as Pilates, plyometrics, bodyweight movement, yoga, and even fun, challenging partner exercises. Bring a friend, bring some water and, most importantly, bring your sense of humor. Laughter is mandatory!

Core & Sculpt

With a keen focus on your core, this class utilizes progressive resistance and lots of props and weight room toys to strengthen your core.  Stability balls, bands, BOSU, blocks, foam rollers and hand weights will be used to add extra resistance training in this hybrid class.  Your posture and muscles will thank you for a well-rounded kick butt workout.

Hardcore Burn

A high intensity, no excuses full-body workout.  We'll be incorporating multi-joint exercises, interval training and functional movements to sculpt your body into a well-honed physique.  We'll also focus on hitting movements in every anatomical plane, while adding cardio bursts throughout the workout.  If you're ready to take your training to the next level, then this class is for you!

Hatha Flow Yoga

An invigorating yet steady flow that will inspire total body connection and ease of motion.  Beginners will be led gently and advanced enthusiasts will be given opportunities to deepen the practice.  Conscious breathing and awareness of energy is encouraged throughout.


High Intensity Interval Training wakes you up with a dynamic set of moves that prep you for 45 minutes of work/rest effort (using dumbbells, med balls, bodyweight, resistance tubing, and more).  Rest is the single greatest determinant of exercise intensity, and it's used strategically with strength and endurance exercises to produce the maximum amount of energy you can spend.  Easy moves and regenerative breathing end the session.

Inspired Flow Yoga

A precise, yet playful practice for students of all levels of ability and yoga experience.  The practice will include challenging flow and the introduction of advanced postures, balanced with gentle and grounding poses to bring your body, mind and heart to an optimal place of connection and balance.

Mindful Vinyasa

In this vinyasa class, each pose builds onto the next in a smart, sequential and powerful way.  Incorporating a strong breath, each asana will unfold within the body revealing new areas of strength and flexibility.  Starting with a slow progression and sun salutations, the class builds with standing and balancing poses as well as backbends and forward folds and it ends in a sweet, cooling, restorative sequence to balance the body.

Pilates Mat

Performed on a mat, we'll take you through a series of controlled movements that flow together to strengthen your core muscles and lengthen the tight muscles of your lower body.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a healing practice that uses props to support every pose.  The purpose is restoration of energy: to rest, heal and digest.  Working with the nervous system to create conditions for relaxation, we remain in supported postures for 10-20 minutes with plenty of time to sink into this restful practice.  You may want to wear layers of comfortable clothing, including warm socks.

Rise & Shine Yoga

In this class, we will sweat, smile and shine together as we harness the power of our breath, moving through asana with grace.  Sun Salutations are incorporated to ignite the body while creative sequencing is introduced to challenge both the body and mind.  Allow this class to serve as a playground for the discovery of your inner and outer self!   All levels are welcome and modifications are always offered!  Set the tone for the rest of your day with Rise & Shine Yoga.

All levels are welcome and modifications are always offered!  Set the tone for the rest of your day with Rise & Shine Yoga.

Tone & Sculpt

Progressive resistance is the key.  We combine a wide variety of weight training exercises with cardio routines to give you an all- around basic workout.  As you become stronger, you'll also learn how to make each exercise more challenging.  Ideal for those short on time. (For non-members, PHHC Day Pass required.)

Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic system of practicing asana, a style of yoga that connects asanas (yoga postures) into flowing sequences, along with a focus on breath and movement.  Builds heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and concentration.  Open to all levels.


ZumbaŽ is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez in Colombia.  Unlike typical dance classes where counts are used, Zumba involves following the music with repetitive movements.  The choreography incorporates hip hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves for a great aerobic workout.  Squats and lunges are also included.  Classes fill up fast, so plan to arrive early.