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Our Massage Therapists

Dani Spinks, LMT, CMT
tel: 415.494.7906
email: dani@flow-sf.com

A born nurturer, Dani has been professionally practicing massage therapy since 2001.  Therapeutic massage is her way of connecting with people.  Helping to empower others to understand self-care and to create happier, healther lives is why she is in this field.  It's her way to stay grounded and in tune with her own mind and body as well.

Her knowledge covers, but is not limited to, deep tissue, Swedish, prenatal, craniosacral and hot stone massage.  Dani understands that each client and session are unique.  She pulls from her extensive education and experiences to give her clients a treatment tailored specifically for them.

Here is some additional interesting trivia about Dani.  She has volunteered the last four years to be on the Massage Team for the AIDS LifeCycle.  She is also a special effects makeup artist and owns a theater production company along with two close friends.

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