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Massage Therapy and Bodywork

A massage treatment even just once a month can make a difference. Talk to your massage therapist you about your goals and together, you can develop a plan for long-term preventative care.  Listed below are the types of massage we offer.  Click for descriptions and pricing.

*Note:  Individual rates may vary depending on massage therapist.


Physical Therapy*

Manual Therapy for Sports Conditioning

In the trusted hands of our physical therapists, you'll find balance, improved flexibility and freedom of movement.

prices vary depending on practitioner and treatment plan

Physical Therapy for Rehabilitation

In order to simultaneously facilitate effective rehabilitation of joints, muscles and nerves, our physical therapists use a variety of techniques including myofascial release, McKenzie spine protocol, mulligan techniques, trigger point and active release.

prices vary depending on practitioner and treatment plan




Inside our beautiful Chi studio, you'll find a place for movement and balance. You'll also meet wonderful instructors who will guide and inspire your Pilates practice.  Classes are limited to 4-8 students.  To find the class that is right for you, please review our current class schedule.

drop-in fee $25 for 60-min class

Private Pilates Instruction*

With this core conditioning system, you'll imprint proper muscular recruitment patterns, enhance joint mobility, strengthen and correct postural imbalances and restore your body to its optimal functional movement. 60 minutes.

single $95-150 | duets $65-90
5 sessions $350-575 | duets $625-675
10 sessions $650-1,100 | duets $1200-1350

Pilates For Rehabilitation*

Created by Joseph H. Pilates to rehabilitate soldiers injured during World War I, the Pilates Method involves over 500 movements designed to easily strengthen and stretch muscles using the body's own gravity. Pilates may include matwork, props and use of specialized Pilates equipment. The exercises are gentle and the repetitions are low. 60 minutes.

single $80-125
5 sessions $375-575
10 sessions $700-1,100

Private Yoga Instruction*

Using the practices of the classic 8-limb system of yoga, you'll learn physical postures to strengthen, lengthen, heal and align the entire body from the inside out . . . and breathing, Bandhas, and Chakra exercises to stimulate awareness of energy and direct this energy to reduce stress and realize more balance. Focus, relaxation and meditation techniques are implemented to restore and rejuvenate.

60 minutes $95 | 90 minutes $135

*Note:  Individual rates may vary depending on instructor.

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All prices are subject to change without notice.