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Our Approach to Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the art and science of restoring function and maximizing performance.  Our style of physical therapy uses manual therapy, exercise, education, movement analysis, ergonomics and Pilates to help you uncover the source of your injury.  We want you to leave us feeling great, and with the necessary tools to prevent further injury.

We offer a boutique-like atmosphere that focuses on one-on-one care, longer treatment sessions and the guarantee that our focus is you.

We listen.    We care.    We offer you our time and expertise.

Our Services

  • Traditional physical therapy
  • Deep tissue massage/myofascial release
  • Exercise training including pilates, yoga, gym weights, and sports rehabilitation
  • Kinesio taping, as used by Olympic athletes
  • Core training specifically post micro-discectomy and other spinal surgeries
  • Wellness education and advice

The Benefits

  • Our approach is ample treatment time that focuses on specific manual techniques and therapeutic exercises.
  • One-on-one treatment without the use of aides and modalities.
  • Avoid the limits imposed by insurance companies. Most insurance policies will not continue to pay for physical therapy after you’ve met your basic range of motion and strength goals. We are committed to restoring your prior level of function. In many cases, we continue working with you to optimize function.
  • Easy access to the facilities and personal trainers at    Pacific Heights Health Club


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