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We are very thankful to serve such wonderful patients.  Here are some of the testimonials. from our community below.

I've been to a number of physical therapists over the years, but none has offered this level of personal attention. You spend an entire hour with Stacee, and she is focused just on your situation, offering gentle but very effective help to get you better.

I started seeing results after the first couple of visits. The exercises she gave me to work on at home have significantly sped up my recovery from hip replacement surgery. I was quickly able to start walking normally, and after only 6 weeks was up to walking for 2 - 3 miles.

On top of it all, she is a really pleasant person to be around, and her whole team is the same.
Dan B., 2013

I totally got value for every penny I spent. I received full attention, great exercises, wonderful hands-on care, and I really understand what to do on my own now!
Jeffery, 2010

I work privately with Jennifer Cooper through FLOW studios in my rehab after my ACL and meniscus knee surgery. This woman knows her stuff. I have had 3 knee surgeries and with all the PT's and doctors I have gone to, Jennifer seems to have helped me the best.
Jennifer S., 2009

I am a current gym member at Pacific Heights Health Club and had been experiencing shoulder pain with limited range of motion, it turned out I had developed 'frozen' shoulder. Doctors had suggested I have surgery on it but then FLOW Studios had opened and had experienced physical therapists on staff. I made an appointment with Stacee on a weekly basis and got my range of motion back and the pain is a thing of the past.
Michelle A., 2008

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