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Yoga at Flow Studios San Francisco

The practice of Yoga, which means union or harmony, is a philosophical system as well as a physical and mental discipline. It teaches us that a healthy person is a harmoniously integrated unit of body, mind and spirit.

The benefits include increased flexibility, strength and muscle tone. Yet, for many, the physical benefits are considered merely 'side effects' of the classic eight-limb practice.  What keeps them coming back is the mental calmness and clarity, stress relief and body awareness that follows a regular yoga practice.

At Flow Studios, we have a number of options for you.

  • Private Instruction. Ideal for beginners and advanced practitioners. If you are new to yoga, private yoga instruction gives you an opportunity to lay a solid foundation. For the advanced student, private yoga instruction will focus on your specific needs and allow you to deepen your practice.

  • Group Classes. All of our yoga classes are open to all levels. The number of participants in a class is limited to 12-15 students so that individualized instruction and assistance is provided throughout.

At Flow Studios, our yoga instructors are dedicated to meeting students where they are in their individual practice.

We continue to believe, as Joy Ravelli, former teacher here at Flow (now founder of Purusha Yoga) once said...

. . . that every pose is for every body (there are just different versions)
. . . that there is a natural progression toward the ideal (yet strive to
      keep it real)
. . . there are no injuries when one is practicing yoga (losing union 'yoga'
      to the truth within is the cause)
. . . in giving students a safe space, a comfortable place, and an
      appropriate pace in which to stay connected
. . . that within each of us there is a divine knowledge, a perfect teacher;
      a ‘purusha’
. . . in sharing the journey and savoring the moments between.

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